Paws of Fury

  • Min stake: 20p
  • Max stake: £200
  • Max win: £250,000
  • Jackpot: Yes
  • Paylines: 20
  • Special features: Enter The Panda - Big Money Bonus, Win Sum Dough, Journey of the Panda Bonus, Rise of the Panda Free Spins, Panda Warrior Free Spins


Mysterious slot reels of ancient China holds a huge jackpot within its grasp – but it’s guarded by a huge, fierce, martial arts trained Panda! His kicking abilities can end up granting you amazing wins, so just be glad when he decides to kick the reels instead of you.

Spread over 5 reels and with an intense amount of bonus features and fun bonus games where you can maximise your winning potential. The pun game is also strong with this one, just look at the fun ‘Win Sum Dough’ bonus round. All in all, this bear-y warrior could guide you on the path to gigantic line and jackpot wins.

Bonus Rounds

Meditating Panda - If the Panda wakes from his meditation during any game there is a chance one of the modifiers can be triggered. The Panda will leap from his meditation, where he can award one of the following:

• Pandamonium Wilds- Whilst the reels spin Panda shall wake up and kick the reels turning positions wild. After any wins have been processed occasionally Panda shall jump up and kick the reels causing the reels to respin holding any wilds in position.
• Belly Smash- Whilst the reels spin Panda shall wake up and belly smash the reels creating a stacked wild. All 5 reels can be made wild.
• Golden Super Spin- As the reels continue to spin, Panda will awake and use his mind trick to add mystery symbols to the reels. These can turn into any other symbol.
• Eye of the Panda- Once the reels have stopped and presented a combination of winning symbols occasionally Panda will awake and use his Ninja mind trick. This will cause the reels to respin holding the trigger symbols in position. This will continue until the win is not improved.
• Panda Mind Trick- On any spin Panda can add more Bonus symbols to the reels. This significantly increases the chance of triggering the bonus on that spin.
Bonus Activation
You enter the bonus by achieving 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere in view. Spin the wheel, which after spinning will stop on one of 5 features, revealing which bonus has been awarded:


Win Sum Dough

Select barrels to reveal an item. Each item will match up to a total bet multiplier, which is paid for matching 3 of the same item. Additionally, revealing a special icon will upgrade the total bet multipliers, and collecting 3 Golden Pandas shall award the Big Money Bonus.


Journey of the Panda Bonus

You are required to select lanterns to advance along the trail increasing the total bet multiplier. If the Big Money Bonus end game is reached, Panda enters the Big Money end game.


Rise of the Panda Free Spins

The object of the Free Spins round is to collect Ying Yang icons which appear randomly on the reel symbols. By collecting several Ying Yangs you advance up to the next reel set. The further you level up, the more powerful the upgrade awarded. As the you get higher up, additional spins are awarded.
Free Spins continue until all spins are used where you are awarded the amount displayed in Bonus Winnings. Additional free spins are awarded each time you complete a level.

Panda Warrior Free Spins are played out on a 5x4 reel format with 40 win lines and a fixed amount of Free Spins. After each spin if any special wild symbols land in view a wild bank panel situated on the right-hand side of the screen will be incremented by the corresponding number of wilds. Once the initial round of Free Spins end you will be awarded a series of ‘Wild Spins’. After a spin ends you will be presented with 4 lanterns over the top of the reels and prompted to select a lantern revealing either a Ying Yang or a Collect which ends the feature.
Panda Warrior Free Spins cannot be retriggered during Panda Warrior Free Spins. During Wild Spins, additional spins may be awarded.


Enter The Panda - Big Money Bonus

You will be presented with numerous different amounts in orbs where the orbs will spin around the Panda. Keep picking from flowers to spin the orbs and collect Big Money prizes until COLLECT is revealed.


For more details on buttons and basic game play please see in-game help menu.

Jackpot King Deluxe Pot System

  • During any spin there is a chance that the Jackpot King Deluxe Bonus can be triggered by achieving 5 Jackpot King Deluxe overlay symbols on reels 1 to 5.
  • The Jackpot King Deluxe Pot System is available on any stake on any game plugged into the Jackpot King Deluxe System.
  • Spin the reels to accumulate Crown symbols to move up the win ladder. Achieve 15+ Crown symbols to enter the Wheel King section of the feature.
  • After any spin CHOOSE AN ICON to reveal one of the following outcomes:
  • SPIN - spins the reels again, with any additional Crown symbols in view adding to the win ladder.
  • COLLECT – ends the feature with the player being awarded a Bonus Win based on the multiplier of their Total Bet reached on the win ladder.
  • WHEEL KING - reveal this to go directly into the Wheel King round of the feature.
  • Achieving 15+ Crown Symbols during the Jackpot King Deluxe Bonus awards the Wheel King Bonus.
  • The Wheel King Feature is a Tombola style Wheel consisting of Big Win Multiplier segments and Progressive pot segments.
  • Spin the wheel to win either a Big Total Bet Multiplier or a Jackpot.
  • NOTE - The Jackpot King Deluxe Jackpots can only be won during the Wheel King part of the bonus.
  • When a jackpot is won, it is reset to the Reserve amount and begins to rise again.
  • The chances of winning a jackpot increases based on the Jackpot value (Royal and Regal pots are guaranteed to be won by the 'Must Be Won By' value).
  • Simultaneous jackpot wins cannot occur. Should two players appear to win the jackpot at the same time the first player to trigger the jackpot will win the whole jackpot amount, the second player would win the reserve pot plus any further contributions made.
  • In the event of a communication error after a promotional pot win result has been determined and before it has been displayed on screen, the win amount will automatically be transferred to the player's account.
  • While the game is live, the jackpot cannot be terminated. If the game is removed, the outstanding pool amount can be transferred to another jackpot.
  • Jackpots are funded by contributions from the player's stake except for the initial seeds which are funded by the Operator.



RTP: 95.16% + Jackpot Contribution. For Jackpot details please check 'Jackpots at Grosvenor'. This is based on long term payback.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000 or 10,000xBet - whichever is reached first (depending on currency. Other Operator limits may apply).